Dining Hall


Boston / 2017

     Hall offers a membership-based dining hall on Newbury Street in Boston. To serve its members dinner and offer space for socializing and co-working, Hall moved from a weekly pop-up in the founder's apartment to open its first permenant location.

    I worked directly for the client to identify a site, develop a design strategy integrated with the growing business model, and prepare a schematic design for renovating a gutted penthouse office space. The new space includes a fully licensed commercial kitchen, two handicap accessible bathrooms, and a dish room. I also helped hire an interior architecture firm to hand off the design for Design Development through Construction Administration.

adapting unplumbed, open-plan office space to accommodate the new program
new walls indicated in green

details for flexible kitchen enclosure and framing

mocking up footprint of proposed kitchen options in the raw space,
making use of cardboard boxes and other left-behinds


Kitchen Option A : Tunnel
Kitchen Option B : Island

interior views: finishes, fixtures, furnshings

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